Commercial Roofing

A truly business-oriented approach to commercial roofing…


Roof Repair

“Replacement is not always needed.”

commercial roof repair

The experts at Stonebridge realize the task of commercial roofing is a huge responsibility and expense. Often times you’ll find that some roofing companies only offer the option of a complete new roof. At Stonebridge, we realize that replacement is not always necessary. If we determine that partial repairs are what your situation warrants then that is exactly how we will proceed. In many cases moderately damaged roofs can simply be properly repaired rather than replaced — thus, saving you a significant amount of money.

You can trust Stonebridge to stay committed to our commercial clients’ specific needs based on our detailed evaluation of your roof’s actual condition. We work together to create a plan of action that is directly in line with your needs and your allotted budget. Stonebridge has worked hard over the years cultivating business relationships with local reputable construction companies and property management firms whom we have worked side by side with to ensure that we are able to deliver the utmost quality craftsmanship at a price that is still considered to be a value. Our clients satisfaction is a direct reflection of our company’s success.

Roof Replacement

A budget and operations-friendly approach

For every commercial building, there eventually comes a time when roof repair simply isn’t enough. Our trained professionals use the latest thermal imaging technology and proven construction practices to determine if a complete roof replacement is the best option for your property. There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a proper roofing method.

Stonebridge walks you through the process and carefully explains our suggestions based on your building structure, design details, and, of course, your proposed budget. We work closely with you to ensure that you are comfortable in your decision from start to finish.

commercial roofing

Preventative Maintenance

“Some manufacturers actually require proof of yearly inspections before they will honor their warranties.”

The professionals at Stonebridge would like to stress the importance of regularly scheduled roof maintenance in a preventative effort to prolong the life of your roof. We are fully aware of how expensive total roof replacement can be and we strive to help you better understand how you can take proactive measures in extending your roof’s duration and condition. You should be aware that some manufacturers actually require proof of yearly inspections before they will honor their warranties.

Although roof inspections may not rate as a high priority on your list of building-ownership responsibilities, bare in mind that even the best roofs are subject to common wear and tear. Weather is the biggest factor in the deterioration of your roof and there is, unfortunately, nothing you can do about that. As a Floridian you know the brutality of summer heat waves. This type of intense heat causes your shingles to fade and dry out. And although our winter freezes are few and far between those type of drastic climate changes wreak havoc of the life of your roof.

Stonebridge routinely conducts simple inspections that can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run by identifying these type of potential damage areas and mending them prior to them causing an unexpected crisis at the most inopportune time.