Residential Roofing

Roof Repair

“…a new roof isn’t always necessary.”

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Roof repairs are often all you need.

Have you noticed your roof leaking unexpectedly? Maybe you’ve noticed that a few shingles or flashing have blown off? Perhaps you are facing a more urgent dilemma such as sagging in your roof or damage from high winds or a fallen tree? Whether your circumstances call for minor or major repairs, Stonebridge’s roofing experts are happy to assist.

Often times you’ll find that some roofing companies only offer an option for a complete new roof. At Stonebridge, we realize a new roof isn’t always necessary. In many cases moderately damaged roofs can be properly repaired rather than replaced, saving you a significant amount of money. You can trust Stonebridge to stay committed to your specific needs.

Roof Replacement

Budget-friendly roof replacements

Eventually, every  roof has to be replaced. It is an essential part of your ongoing effort to maintain your home’s value and protect it from mother nature’s elements. Ignoring a leaky roof will eventually cause thousands of dollars in damage if it is not promptly repaired.

Unfortunately, leaks are not the only culprit that may force you to need to replace your roof. Be mindful of significant fluctuations in your heating and cooling bills. Roofs are also designed to prolong warm air staying inside during the winter months and keep it out in the summer. If your roof is showing signs of damage this will also lead to costly fluctuations in your electric bill.

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Preventative Maintenance

Save money, extend your roof’s life, protect warranties

roof maintenance services in jacksonville, FL

Florida weather is TOUGH on roofs

The professionals at Stonebridge would like to stress the importance of regularly scheduled roof maintenance in a preventative effort to prolong the life of your roof. We are fully aware of how expensive total roof replacement can be and we strive to help you better understand how you can take proactive measures in extending your roofs duration and condition.

You should know that some manufacturers actually require proof of yearly inspections before they will honor their warranties. Although roof inspections may not rate as a high priority on your list of home-ownership responsibilities, bare in mind that even the most expensive luxury roofs are subject to common wear and tear. Weather is the biggest factor in the deterioration of your roof and there is, unfortunately, nothing you can do about that. As a Floridian you know the brutality of summer heat waves. This type of intense heat causes your shingles to fade and dry out. And although our winter freezes are few and far between those type of drastic climate changes wreak havoc of the life of your roof.

Stonebridge routinely conducts simple inspections that save thousands of dollars in the long run by identifying potential damage areas and mending them prior to causing an unexpected crisis at the most inopportune time.