Replacing your old roof with a new, more efficient one can be a huge investment. Then again, delaying it further when your home clearly needs a new one can lead to costly fixes. If you can’t pay for a new roof due to a lack of out-of-pocket funds, know that there are ways you can finance this major home improvement.


1. Project Financing Companies

Lending companies who specialize in home repair are an ideal way to finance your new roof. The key here is to find the best one that matches your needs and financial standing. The best place to start is by asking your local roofing experts about the financing partners they work with.

If you have had bad credit or want to minimize your interest rate, however, home equity lines of credit (HELOC) and home equity loans are two of the financing choices to consider. Using your home as collateral, you can often negotiate a lower interest rate than you could with other types of loans.

2. Homeowners Insurance

If you have a homeowners insurance policy, check to see if it offers roof damage coverage. You won’t need as much financing from other available options if the policy can cover some of the expenses for the project. A comprehensive damage assessment of your roof conducted by your trusted roofing contractors should give you that certainty. The severity and extent of the damage may allow you to file an insurance claim to help cover the costs of a new roof.

2. Credit Card

Using a credit card is an easy and convenient way to finance your roof replacement project. However, it requires you to pay off the full price of your new roof every month. Make sure you do so diligently so you won’t have to worry about the interest rate that will kick in every time you fail to pay. To be approved for this option, you should have a good credit standing.

For your roofing needs, turn to the experienced roofers of Stonebridge Roofing, Waterproofing and Exteriors. We offer financing through major lenders and banks. Learn more about it by calling (904) 262-6636 or filling out our contact form to request a free quote.

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