Severe winter weather is on the way for Florida, At Stonebridge, we are committed to quality and timely services, and we are stepping up our efforts to provide emergency roof repair services. The news of potentially damaging winds, coastal flooding, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall has put many Floridians on high alert, with impacts expected to begin tonight and peak on Tuesday morning, continuing through Tuesday evening in the peninsula.

Stonebridge understands that such extreme weather conditions can cause significant damage to roofs, leading to leaks, structural damage, and in some cases, complete roof failure. Our emergency response team is well-equipped and ready to handle the surge in roof repair needs that typically follow such events. Stonebridge’s approach combines fast response, expertise, and the use of high-quality materials to ensure that homes and businesses are safe and secure.

The weather system moving through Florida has a powerful low and associated cold front. Winds about 1 mile up in the atmosphere are expected to reach speeds of 70 to 90 mph in the core of this streak. These powerful winds, along with the squall line of thunderstorms, pose a significant risk to structures, particularly roofs.

Stonebridge’s services in this scenario are crucial. The widespread wind gusts ranging from 45-60 mph across North Florida and Georgia, and 30-45 mph over Central and South Florida, can cause considerable damage to roofing materials. Our team of experts is prepared to assess and repair damages caused by these high winds, including missing shingles, damaged gutters, and compromised structural integrity.

Heavy rains also bring the chance of flash flooding present additional challenges. The expected rainfall of around 1 inch in the peninsula increases the risk of leaks and water damage. Stonebridge is equipped to handle such challenges, ensuring that roofs are not only repaired but also fortified against potential water damage.

Stonebridge advises residents to take necessary precautions: securing loose items, staying off the roads during the squall line, and keeping an eye on updates from the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center. For those who experience roof damage, we are just phone call away, ready to provide emergency repair services. Stonebridge is committed to ensuring the safety and security of homes and businesses in our community. Stay safe, and remember, Stonebridge is here to help you weather the storm.

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