4 Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

4 Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Bold, daring exterior paint colors are distinctive and can easily make homes stand out from the crowd. But the downside is they tend to go out of style as quickly as they came into style. This can leave you with a sour feeling of regret or, worse, boredom. Here are four paint colors that are timeless and will look good on your Florida home to help you escape the aforementioned dire situation.

1. White

One color that will never be outmoded is white. The fascination with this particular exterior paint most likely came from classic homes with whitewashed wood panelings. Many people find white attractive due to its clean and simple appearance. It also goes well with other exterior colors for trims, windows, and doors, and looks good all year round, whether against a thick blanket of snow or as it reflects the bright rays of the sun.

2. Brick Red

Red is a classic color of brick homes. It reminds people of old, rustic-looking houses cladded with real wood panels. This particular shade of red paint is strong but can be very comforting as well. It also pairs so beautifully with classic white shutters and a black front door. It also allows you to be more playful with the palette of your exterior home as brick red matches well with gray-blue and blue-green shades.

3. Light Gray

A shade of a neutral color like gray is an effortless choice: it is can give your home a nice, sleek-looking appearance from the curb. A light gray-colored wall cladding pairs nicely with white trim and will not clash with the color of traditional metal roofs vs shingles.

4. Buttery Yellow

A home with light yellow exterior walls looks extremely welcoming. It is not as bold as most orange hues or as dramatic as tomato red and gold. If you want to revamp your home into an ideal and inviting sanctuary from the outdoors, then painting your exterior walls with light yellow will do you good. It even looks good on natural wood and with a gray roof.

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