How Roof Shape Affects Your Insurance Premiums

How Roof Shape Affects Your Insurance Premiums

While it’s true that the condition and age of your roof are factors that affect your roof insurance premiums, most homeowners don’t know that its shape and style also drives its price. The reason isn’t centered around aesthetics, but how certain roof shapes perform better under different weather conditions.

Roof Shape and Performance

The main reason why insurance premiums differ between roof styles is their performance under inclement weather. The dimensions and geometry essentially play an important role in how it protects your home.

Hip vs. Gable Roof

The two most common styles for roof replacement are the gable and hip roof. While they seem similar to the untrained eye, they actually have key differences that affect their performance.

Gable roofs have two sets of rafters that run parallel at an upward angle, creating a distinct triangle shape. Hip roofs, on the other hand, have slopes on all sides; thus, they appear just like a pyramid and generally have more angles and sides.

What Makes Hip Roofs Better?

The difference between the two isn’t just cosmetic. Hip roofs have been proven to be more weather-resistant and capable of resisting strong winds even from hurricanes. The reason is due to their shallower slope and lack of sharp corners, which make them more stable.

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