Most Common Reasons for Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

Most Common Reasons for Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

The sound of rain can be soothing for some people. But when it’s causing your gutters and downspouts to create strange sounds, the noise can be very annoying. Before you dismiss this as a merely frustrating circumstance, take note that the gutter and downspout noise that you’re hearing could indicate a problem.

Here are a few common reasons why your gutters and downspouts are noisy.

Poor Installation

Your downspouts should be installed at a slight angle to be effective in draining water away and preventing any buildup on your roofing. So, when you hear a drip-drip sound coming from your downspouts, it could be that they have not been installed properly. Water is likely being directed to one corner of your downspout, causing the noise that you are hearing.


Clogging is a common issue in gutters and downspouts. What usually happens is that leaves, twigs, and debris get stuck inside your gutters. This causes a blockage and prevents water from flowing out of your gutter system. When left unchecked, this can cause noise in your gutters and lead to problems that will require a roof repair.

Loose Brackets

Brackets are critical components because they are responsible for securing your gutters in place. Unfortunately, as these brackets age and deteriorate, they become loose and start producing odd noises. However, if your brackets are relatively new, the culprit could be the changing temperature. Gutters may expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. This causes the brackets to be pulled out of place and create noise.

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