4 Details You Shouldn’t Overlook When Hiring a House Painter

4 Details You Shouldn’t Overlook When Hiring a House Painter

Painting your home is a good investment. It can freshen up your home’s exterior, make it more visually appealing, and it can also raise your home’s overall value. However, it’s a task that shouldn’t be done by the homeowners themselves. Instead, they should hire a house painter to get the job done and minimize mistakes. But there is a catch; you shouldn’t hire the first house painter you see. Instead, there are a few details you should look at when searching for contractors.

  1. Protection plan – While you’re in the vetting stages of hiring a house painter, check to see if they have a thorough plan of protecting you and your property, such as protective tarping. This is because exterior work can involve falling debris or lead paint from the scraping and sanding, which can be hazardous to your health.

  2. A detailed breakdown of preparation plans – Since you’re already looking at your potential house painter’s protection plan, make sure to look at their breakdown of how they plan to prep the job areas as well. Find out how they intend to clean the surfaces they’ll be painting and how they’ll scrape, sand, grind, caulk or repair these same areas. Make sure they include an estimate of the number of hours and rates per hour as well.

  1. Painting plan – Make yourself privy to a comprehensive account of their painting plan. That way, you’ll learn how many coats per surface they’ll apply for both primer and paint.

  1. Cost of materials – This is one of the most important details you need to know. During the vetting process, make sure to know the cost of materials associated with each project phase as some painters may budget for five cans of paint for one section while another may budget for ten or another may just be using better paints. By doing this, you can better determine which painter is the right one for you.

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