5 Risks of Ignoring a Leaking Roof

5 Risks of Ignoring a Leaking Roof

There are many household problems that can be put off until later, but fixing a leaking roof is not one of them. In fact, it should always be prioritized no matter what the season. Here’s why.

1. Moisture Damage 

The attic, ceiling, and roofing support structures are mostly made of wood, which happens to be vulnerable to damage caused by moisture. While these components are treated for resistance to high humidity levels, they can be damaged by water coming from a leaking roof. This can result in rot that can later compromise the roof’s structure. Further issues like water stains, blistering paint, and swollen plaster can also happen if the moisture makes its way toward other parts of the house.

2. Mold
Mold thrives in warm and humid places, away from direct sunlight. A leaking roof meets all three conditions, making it the perfect environment for mold growth. Mold causes more than just its tell-tale odor and hard-to-remove stains. Its spores can trigger like allergies and respiratory problems including rhinitis, asthma, and nasal congestion. If it spreads throughout the attic, it may necessitate a premature roof replacement.

3. Electrical Hazard 
Water from a roof leak may find its way into electrical wiring, power outlets, or appliances, which can lead to shorted wiring. If you notice water dripping into these parts of your home, don’t touch the appliance or try to unplug it. Instead, turn it off from the panel, and call a local electrician as soon as possible.

4. Slipping Hazard 
Water from a leaking roof can form puddles on the floor where you least expect it, making it a slipping hazard for anyone in your home. If you have carpeting that isn’t adhered to the floor, water can make its way under the carpets and make them slippery.

5. Damage to Attic Insulation 
Most types of attic insulation form clumps when in direct contact with water. When this happens, the insulation layer forms holes that would defeat its purpose. Poor insulation can facilitate thermal transfer and allow heat to easily pass between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This results in higher indoor heating and cooling requirements, meaning higher energy bills.

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What to Do When Your New Roof Begins Leaking

What to Do When Your New Roof Begins Leaking

We understand how disheartening it is to find that the new roof you spent a significant amount on is already leaking. However, you don’t have to worry so much because your roofers will likely be more than happy to help with this problem. Just make sure you call them as soon as you discover the issue.

Stay Calm and Assess the Damage

It’s best to stay calm in this kind of situation. Getting all worked up and mad at your roofer won’t get your roof fixed faster. Try to examine how the problem has affected your interior. Gather as much information as you can about the leak and its location. While this doesn’t mean going up to the roof, you can assess the damage by observing the underside of the roof deck or inside your attic.

Set a Realistic Timeframe 

A reputable contractor will accomplish the roof repair promptly, usually within a week. Keep in mind that most roofers are professionals who will want to stand behind their work and repair your roof. Give your roofer a realistic time frame like a week to fix the problem. However, if it’s expected to rain in the next few days, then it’s fine to ask them to come sooner.

What if Your Roofer Disappears?

This can only happen if you’ve hired an unreliable contractor, one that’s not from your area. If this does happen, remember to stay calm, and you can still hire another pro to take care of your roof. Most roof leaks aren’t leaking from the roof itself. The common causes of roof leaks are issues with the flashing or the piece of metal around roof penetrations.

Before hiring a roofer, make sure to do your research, and read reviews. You may also ask for recommendations from your neighbors, family, and friends.

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