What to Consider When Comparing Roofing Warranties

What to Consider When Comparing Roofing Warranties

Whether you’re working on a new roof construction or a roof replacement, one of the most important factors you should look into is the presence and quality of the warranty or warranties that accompany your new roofing system. Manufacturing warranties protect you from manufacturing defects that can lead to unexpected or premature roof failure. Workmanship warranties are your protection against roof failure or damage caused by installation errors.

These are the features that you should look for if you want a strong and reliable roofing warranty:

Reputable Brand of Products

Reputable manufacturers back their products with reliable warranties that are often comprehensive. These warranties also typically have long coverage, and it’s easier to file against them if problems arise with your roofing system. It’s a good idea to purchase roofing products from known manufacturers.

Licensed and Certified Contractor

It’s also advisable to choose roofing companies that have a long history of excellence over new or inexperienced contractors. The best contractors are licensed to operate in your area, and they are certified by the manufacturers of the products they carry so you can be sure they know what they’re doing. Reputable contractors also often back their workmanship with a separate warranty.

Length of Warranty

The leading roofing material brands include warranties with their products that will cover you for many years to come. Some of their warranties are special, so they’re good for a longer period of time, have more coverage, and might even be transferable should you choose to sell your home.

Warranty Coverage

Learn about the kind of coverage your warranty offers. What are the conditions, the inclusions, and the exclusions? Will your coverage include the labor, or should you get a separate warranty for that? Lastly, find out what things can void your warranty so you know what to avoid. Knowing what you can expect from your warranty can save you from a lot of issues.


A lifetime warranty is actually a lifetime “limited” warranty. It might last for as long as the roofing materials are expected to last. Many warranties will cover only a portion of the expected lifespan of the product. 

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4 Roof Maintenance Habits to Get Into This Year

4 Roof Maintenance Habits to Get Into This Year

Spring won’t be due until a couple of months from now, but it’s never too early to start planning your upcoming roof maintenance. Here are some good roof maintenance habits to start this year.

1. Make Roofing Inspections Part of Your Regular Home Maintenance
Visual inspections complement the scheduled maintenance performed by your roofing contractors and can be done without climbing onto your roof. On a clear day, take a pair of binoculars, and inspect the roofing surface for signs of damage, including missing flashing and aging asphalt shingles. Call your roofing contractor for repairs in case you find such problems.

2. Trim the Trees in Your Yard
If you have trees on your property, maintaining a clearance between the roofing surface and the outermost branches has many benefits. It helps prevent scratches on the roofing surface. It helps reduce leaves and needles getting into the gutters, and it helps avoid damage to the roof that’s usually caused by falling branches. Roofing companies like us recommend keeping a clearance of about 10 feet. An arborist can help you trim the branches without harming the tree.

3. Clean the Gutters 
Many people consider their gutters as a separate system, but they are very much a part of the roofing system. Clogged gutters can cause damage to the roof. Gutters generally require cleaning twice a year. You can choose to do this yourself as part of your house maintenance routing, or you can hire a professional. Gutter protection systems can help reduce gutter maintenance requirements and are worth the investment.

4. Stick to Your Maintenance Routine
Roof maintenance is only effective if you stick to your routine. Fortunately, it’s not something you need to do every day. Set a reminder at the beginning of spring and autumn. Clean the gutters, inspect the roof, and call for roofing assistance when needed.

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How Roof Shape Affects Your Insurance Premiums

How Roof Shape Affects Your Insurance Premiums

While it’s true that the condition and age of your roof are factors that affect your roof insurance premiums, most homeowners don’t know that its shape and style also drives its price. The reason isn’t centered around aesthetics, but how certain roof shapes perform better under different weather conditions.

Roof Shape and Performance

The main reason why insurance premiums differ between roof styles is their performance under inclement weather. The dimensions and geometry essentially play an important role in how it protects your home.

Hip vs. Gable Roof

The two most common styles for roof replacement are the gable and hip roof. While they seem similar to the untrained eye, they actually have key differences that affect their performance.

Gable roofs have two sets of rafters that run parallel at an upward angle, creating a distinct triangle shape. Hip roofs, on the other hand, have slopes on all sides; thus, they appear just like a pyramid and generally have more angles and sides.

What Makes Hip Roofs Better?

The difference between the two isn’t just cosmetic. Hip roofs have been proven to be more weather-resistant and capable of resisting strong winds even from hurricanes. The reason is due to their shallower slope and lack of sharp corners, which make them more stable.

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The Ways Roof Inspections Can Help You Save Money

The Ways Roof Inspections Can Help You Save Money

Maintaining the roofing system of your home is part and parcel of being a homeowner. You have to keep up with it if you want the roof to remain in good shape and perform longer than it’s expected. Roof inspections are part of this maintenance routine, and, according to roofers, having your roof inspected every now and then can even help you save a significant amount in the long run.

Homeowners Insurance

If you have homeowners insurance, it’s basically a must that you conduct preventive maintenance on your roof every now and then. This is because failing to do so may allow your insurance provider to chalk up the damage to the homeowner’s negligence and can refuse to compensate you for the repair costs. With that in mind, make sure to have your roof inspected and repaired if needed. Apart from that, investing in a good roof and regular inspections can possibly help you lower your insurance premiums as well.

Structural Damage

Apart from your shingles, the entirety of the roofing system is vulnerable to water infiltration due to leaks. These parts include the sheathing and the wooden attic structure. Once the wood rots, it can’t be repaired and will require a costly replacement. To avoid this, make sure to have the roof inspected every now and then, and get repairs done if necessary.

Mold Contamination

If your roof starts leaking, you’re leaving your home vulnerable to mold growth. This can be troublesome for you and your household members in the long run as they can cause respiratory problems, especially if you have any children or elderly family members. Mold growth can be costly to remediate so consider preventing it before it even starts by having your roof inspected and repairing any possible sources of leaks.

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