Financing a New Roof: 3 Ways on How to Do It

Financing a New Roof: 3 Ways on How to Do It

Replacing your old roof with a new, more efficient one can be a huge investment. Then again, delaying it further when your home clearly needs a new one can lead to costly fixes. If you can’t pay for a new roof due to a lack of out-of-pocket funds, know that there are ways you can finance this major home improvement.

What to Consider When Comparing Roofing Warranties

What to Consider When Comparing Roofing Warranties

Whether you’re working on a new roof construction or a roof replacement, one of the most important factors you should look into is the presence and quality of the warranty or warranties that accompany your new roofing system. Manufacturing warranties protect you from manufacturing defects that can lead to unexpected or premature roof failure. Workmanship warranties are your protection against roof failure or damage caused by installation errors.

These are the features that you should look for if you want a strong and reliable roofing warranty:

Reputable Brand of Products

Reputable manufacturers back their products with reliable warranties that are often comprehensive. These warranties also typically have long coverage, and it’s easier to file against them if problems arise with your roofing system. It’s a good idea to purchase roofing products from known manufacturers.

Licensed and Certified Contractor

It’s also advisable to choose roofing companies that have a long history of excellence over new or inexperienced contractors. The best contractors are licensed to operate in your area, and they are certified by the manufacturers of the products they carry so you can be sure they know what they’re doing. Reputable contractors also often back their workmanship with a separate warranty.

Length of Warranty

The leading roofing material brands include warranties with their products that will cover you for many years to come. Some of their warranties are special, so they’re good for a longer period of time, have more coverage, and might even be transferable should you choose to sell your home.

Warranty Coverage

Learn about the kind of coverage your warranty offers. What are the conditions, the inclusions, and the exclusions? Will your coverage include the labor, or should you get a separate warranty for that? Lastly, find out what things can void your warranty so you know what to avoid. Knowing what you can expect from your warranty can save you from a lot of issues.


A lifetime warranty is actually a lifetime “limited” warranty. It might last for as long as the roofing materials are expected to last. Many warranties will cover only a portion of the expected lifespan of the product. 

Stonebridge Roofing, Waterproofing and Exteriors can discuss your roofing warranty with you. We are trusted roofers and home exterior experts. Call us today at (904) 262-6636, or contact us here.

3 FAQs About Roofing Insurance Claims

3 FAQs About Roofing Insurance Claims

After a storm hits, it is usually the roofing system that sustains the most damage. Even though there are preventive steps you can take, like installing a weather-resistant system, your roof will still be exposed to sharp hail, high winds, torrential rain, and other harsh elements that wear it out. That said, it is crucial to get roof insurance to mitigate losses resulting from roof damage. 

Today, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the roof insurance claims process.

1. What does your roof insurance policy cover: The most efficient way to find out what is covered in your insurance policy is to directly contact your insurance representative. The company considers the age of your roof when determining the extent of roof damage that will be covered. If your roof is less than 10 years old, then it is possible to receive coverage for all storm-damaged roofs. On the other hand, if your roof is more than a decade old, a depreciated value of the damaged roof may be reimbursed to you. Ultimately, the insurance company will send an inspector to assess and verify your claim.

2. How to get a new roof from insurance: If your roof is completely damaged, a roof repair is obviously not going to cut it. This means that a roof replacement is clearly due, and that leaves many people wondering if the insurance company will pay for the expensive costs of a new roof. Make sure to follow the established insurance claims process to avoid delay or refusal of payment from the insurer. Hiring local storm restoration contractors will help you. They will handle all the paperwork and ensure that all damage is accounted for.

3. What should I do if the contractor’s estimate is higher than the adjuster’s: This situation typically occurs when the adjuster misses out on some of the damaged parts of the roofing system. Fortunately, this can be easily resolved by providing the necessary paperwork, measurements, and pictures that depict the extent of damage right after the storm hit. The insurance company will review these documents and send a check for all the additional repairs.

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The Biggest Tile Roofing Mistakes That Roofers Should Avoid

The Biggest Tile Roofing Mistakes That Roofers Should Avoid

Installing a tile roof is a challenging task. Aside from working with heavier roofing materials compared to asphalt shingles and metal roofing, ceramic tiles are also more expensive. This means roofers can’t afford to make the following mistakes.

Failing to Check the Building Codes

Some Jacksonville roofers think putting up a tile roof is fine if they’ve already built one before. However, some make the mistake of not checking the building codes. If a new roof is checked, and the inspector discovers that it goes against the local building codes, the homeowner might be fined, and the roof asked to be torn down or modified.

Ignoring Manufacturer’s Specifications.

Reputable roofing experts like us know that putting up a tile roof goes beyond laying them in neat rows. Tile roofing must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Failing to follow these specifications (placing tiles too close or far, using fewer nails, etc.) can compromise the roof’s ability to perform as advertised, resulting in early repairs or even replacement.

Not Installing Flashing Over Pitch Transitions

Roofers know that flashing should be applied along places where the roof intersects with the wall, but some make the mistake of just using sealant to cover pitch transitions (the parts where the roof changes in steepness). According to our experts, pitch transitions are especially vulnerable to creating leaks so they should be covered by actual flashing strips.

Not Having Ridge Anchors

When roofers forget to add ridge anchors to secure tiles in high-ridge areas, they become more vulnerable to getting knocked off during a storm. 

Get a tile roof that can keep your home protected from the worst weather conditions. Stonebridge Roofing, Waterproofing, and Exteriors is the leading roofing company in the area. You can call us at (904) 262-6636 to request a quote.

Going Green With CertainTeed® Roofing Products

Going Green With CertainTeed® Roofing Products

As consumers grow more environmentally conscious, the roofing industry has developed and utilized technologies that can improve the sustainability and eco-friendly features of their products. This is why CertainTeed® continues to manufacture green roofing choices for their residential and commercial customers. 

CertainTeed® and Green Building Standards

CertainTeed leads the environmental stewardship movement in the home improvement field. It recycles the majority of internal waste produced during the manufacturing process and develops it into brand-new products particularly designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful power plant emissions and the ecological footprint of homes and businesses. 

In addition, CertainTeed encourages homeowners and contractors to reuse their old roofing systems that have completed their service life. The company’s patented products, namely Solaris™ shingle series and CoolStar® commercial products, are created with solar reflective surfaces to reduce heat absorption and help keep the interior of properties cool. 

CertainTeed Green Roofing Facts

Along with the guiding principles of resource efficiency and the promotion of energy-efficient building materials and processes, CertainTeed also gives emphasis on the well-being of the consumers. Here are several important facts about the company:

  • CertainTeed roofing products are manufactured with recycled content, including slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper, and sludge, meaning that landfill waste and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.
  • 250,000 tons per year of slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper, and sludge from landfills are, in fact, recycled into roofing materials by CertainTeed.
  • Because of the effort to lessen landfill waste, carbon dioxide emissions from the extraction and processing of raw materials are also greatly reduced.
  • Other recycled content is used to construct roads and make packaging materials, such as paper and corrugated rolls.

Stonebridge Roofing, Waterproofing, and Exteriors is a roof replacement company that promotes green awareness by using CertainTeed-manufactured products. We strive to deliver superior quality products and practices to our customers, no matter how big or small the roofing project is. 

For your roofing needs, make sure to contact us. You may give our team a call at (904) 262-6636 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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